23 December 2011

Chambering - Borang 3, 4 & 5

It was easier now, as I've encountered shits earlier. I went on Tuesday instead, please don't ever go for Monday or Friday although your senior advised you to do so, a lawyer saw us complaining and said, "Lawyer has no sincere words." It's like a huge slap on our faces but true enough.

So for Borang 3, 4 & 5, I gave it a brave try, I serve only to KL Bar Council (instead of to all 3 bodies), BUT mind that I brought along my Affidavit Penyampaian! Note that I've made some edition by deleting the (b) and (c) which in fact I didn't serve to AG or KLBC/SBC. Same old same old:-

  1. Borang 3, 4 & 5. Don't fill up in case you're not sure. Bring EXTRA copies. Print Service Bureau Form. (Note: No other extra document(s) needed!)
  2. Prepare 2 copies for Borang 4, get your master to sign both, leaving one copy BLANK in case there's mistake (No Liquid Paper!) Explain to him/her why.
  3. Head over to Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Duta.
  4. Get Number for e-filling purpose at Counter 23. He'll check through and request you to check first from Bahagian RKKK, just let him know you'll do so after obtaining one Express Counter Number, nicely :)
  5. Go to Aras 2 - RKKK, let Kakak goes through all your Borang. Double check with her whether Affidavit Penyampaian for Borang 1 & 2 necessary or not. For my case, they didn't want mine.
  6. After your Borang is checked and dated, proceed to Counter to 23 for scanning, along with your completed Service Bureau Form. Total of 3 pages to be scanned!
  7. Proceed to Counter 17 to obtain Payment Notice.
  8. Proceed to Kaunter Pembayaran to make payment of RM36.00.
  9. Head back to Counter 17 to obtain Official Stamp Invoice.
  10. Extraction Code will be provided on the Invoice itself, but it is advised that you wait around 1 - 2 working days to proceed to next step.
  11. I got my short call date on the spot as the Kakak in RKKK checked for me, you may try requesting for one at your own risk :)
  12. Get back to office and wait for e-mail from efs@kehakiman.com.my to confirm your Short Call Date and Extraction Code. Print it out and that's your Official Borang 3.
  13. Proceed to make 3 copies and Serve all Borang 1 - 5 to all the 3 bodies (KL Bar Council, AG Chamber & KLBC/SBC)
  14. Done!

I've done only until this stage, firm is running busy, so am I. Will be serving mine next week, personal service should be good enough, at least I experience it once :) 

Something Extra:-

  • Free Transportation from Masjid Jamek LRT Station to and fro High Court with a 10-seater White Van (Not sure 'bout their schedule though).
  • Service Bureau Form: Click Here, click "Getting Started", click "For more details click here", look for the form and download.
  • Get a map! Landmark (if coming from Bangsar) - Menara UOA - Go left - Syariah Court - Bare left - Sign Board indicating Location of High Court
  • Sample of Borang: Encik Termizi's helpful BLOG!
  • Full Attire - Formal
  • Borang 1 & 2, kindly visit HERE!
Best of Luck!


Shi Jin said...

u r saving me lots of troubles ! thax !!!!!!!!!!!

tiffany teh said...
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tiffany teh said...

Neeyaa. I need help. I have only served Borang 1 and 2 to Bar Council at this moment (yet to file to the Selangor Bar and the AG) and I wish to file my borang 3-5 first. Is it a must for us to prepare an affidavit penyampaian of borang 1 and 2 to them? Can you show me an example of it?

Further, for borang 3 to 5, must the c/oath affirm on the same date as we file in the borang?

Thank you.

NeeYaa said...

Hi Tiffany,
As I said earlier in this post, I prepared mine that stated only the service to Bar Council only, in case they want it. But in my case, they didn't do so. My advice is you better prepare like how I did.

And for 3, 4, 5, I've stated on top as well, better affirm it beforehand, especially Borang 4, prepare 2 copies having the extra copy blank in case you made a mistake in the former one.
*Note: The guy in high court is a no friendly man, one might require your master to be there for your Borang 4 affirmation.

I can't gave a sample of AP to you I'm afraid, I just served mine this morning and got rejected because I've followed my senior's sample, think they might have changed the Referral Section. Will upload one after my next service on Monday.

So, stay tuned :)

Should you need further assistance, kindly email me at neeyaa@hakemarabi.com.my (during office hours) or neeyaa927@gmail.com (off office hour).

Best of luck!