20 June 2015

Registration of Marriage - It's Happening!

Dear Readers, prior to me sharing my experience of my ROM, please mind that this post is strictly for Buddhist couples and Couples from different state/district.

Neither of us are from Selangor nor Kuala Lumpur. In order for us to get things done real simple, we have chosen to run this wonderful moment within Thean Hou Temple instead of district JPN, as the application for solemnisation and registration of marriage either in church, temples or association don't depend on your IC address. Otherwise, get your IC address changed to your preferred district JPN :)

Our ROM is rather simple. Due to my heavy work schedule, Bee had to kick start the application.

Date. We visited the temple on a Saturday. Got our date set on Chap Goh Meh like 4-5 months earlier. Next thing they'll tell you, get your forms ready, and explanation comes later.

Form. Bee got our form from JPN, Petaling Jaya. Popped into their office right at their opening hours, no leave is needed. Please do not download the form, it's colour printed in A3 size! Fill them up clearly. We had the Commissioner for Oath affirmed the form as this step is only necessary when you're planning to held it at church, temples or association! Other than that, JPN is fine.

Details. Details for the bride and groom. One (1) witness each. Generally, we'll pick parents, or relatives, perhaps friends. No harm getting blessings from strangers too ;p

Submit. One passport size photo each for both of us. Paid RM20.00 for JPN to endorse the form, with the presence of Bee and I. Note, both to be present! 

Hand Over. It's another weekend, we dropped by the temple and handover our endorsed form. They'll highlight to you your time of visit, to bring original IC for bride, groom and witnesses, couple's dress code etc.

Pretty simple? Now it's the part where the bride concerns the most - Coats, Dress, Tie, Shoes, Heels, Rings, Accessories, Bouquet, Hairdo, Make Up, Guest list and Agenda!

Ladies, my advice, stay calm :)
  • I use my white dress bought couple of years back. 
  • Formal wear for Bee, pairing red tie with the cool black attire. 
  • Match it with black heels (old ones too). 
  • Only a pair of earrings (yes, no necklace). 
  • Got ourselves a pair of gold rings (this is entirely up to you!). 
  • Booked a real reasonable bouquet online from a florist within the temple (easy pick up, hassle-free!).
  • Hairdo & Make Up are done by a friend of mine. Simple, half-up, small curls, no, no fake eyelashes. Perfect!
  • Mainly our parents, siblings, close friends, some relatives, made up around 15 - 20 persons attended the moment of our lives.
  • Follow up with some photo shooting session within the temple area. A friend of ours did us a huge favour by taking photos throughout the ceremony, for free :)
  • Took them for lunch in a Chinese restaurant, chit chat, letting both families to get to know each other more.

Woo-laa! Done! Often see people tends to focus more on the application than the agenda of the ceremony. The photo shooting session was quick, that we had to split into groups for free and easy, and meet up only when it's time for lunch. So peeps, plan your agenda wisely!

Photos while waiting...

Still waiting..

Bee and I, along with our daddies as witnesses... All of us signed a form prior to the official ones..

Registrar will read the oath and follow by us... "I do..."

Signed a total of three certificates, two for us to keep, one for them

Exchange of rings

And it's finally happening :)

And this is us the new family!


Thanks a lot for your help!

We started at around 11.00am, and all ends well at around 3.00pm. It is totally a blessing from God to have all of you to be there with us on our big day! Truly heart all of you :)

Tips - Breakfast, handkerchief, wet wipes, bottle of water, Thean Hou Temple, Florist, JPN's Checklist

More upcoming updates on my preparation of our wedding. Stay tuned!

31 December 2014

My 2014!

Counting down to end this 2014, decided to drop by my this long lost blog, last post was back then in 2013. I'm surprised how time passed. Back then, I was busy working and travelling from the West to the East, then from East back to the West!

2014 has been treating me well, even up to this very last drop. Blessed!

One, I got called to the Bar of High Court of Sabah and Sarawak.

Two, finally decided to get back to KL for good, of course, to reunite with my love one.

Three, found a pretty great job. Loaded, but contended. After all, a token of appreciation of my hard work is awarded, what more could I ask for.

Four, move on further with my career, at least I'm progressing, learning, and in fact, improving myself to achieve a better level, more to come.

Five, met a lot of nice people throughout my career in Sabah and back to KL. People that cherish my presence, laugh at my jokes, appreciate my company, accepting me for who I am, work with me as a team. Peeps, I truly thank you for being there for me anytime, anywhere!

Six, my love proposed. Couldn't be any happier! We're officially moving a step forward for a better us. I know this won't be easy, but I'm positive about us. I'm just so thankful and grateful for having 'the Mr. Right'!

Seven, shared our good news around. Blessings are all over. Moving on with wedding planning. Lots to do, many to think and consider. Hopefully to have the time to share our experience here with you guys!

Last but not least, shitty things did happen throughout the year. And for every moment that I live, every breath that I take, I thank God for bringing me through the year, with love and faith, together with my love ones.

Thank you 2014! I'll fight harder with 2015!


04 September 2013

Pursuing LL.B

Good day Readers!

It's been a while since I've last posted something. As I've encountered tons of questions on studying law, and seems like either education agent's information is not that convincing or 'consumer a.k.a. parent' refused to wrongfully spend money on sweet-talk sales, I'm going to share my personal experience on my journey in obtaining a law degree, all the way up to a legal personnel.

January - November 2007 (1 year)
After SPM, I've started A-Level in KDU College PJ, by taking up only TWO subjects i.e. Law and Economics. I've completed my A-Level course within ONE year by taking one-shot AS and A2 papers altogether in November. I'm not sure the requirements (for everything) now, but last I reckon for further studies, somewhat you need to pass your papers altogether, instead of splitting AS and A2 examination papers (that will be indicated in your certificate).

January 2008 - June 2009 (1.5 year)
After A-Level, I've immediately enrolled to a law degree twinning programme (2+1) with KDU College PJ - Oxford Brookes University. My semester started in January, it's some sort of express course, that will eventually merge the group to the earlier batch, that you WILL NOT get the semester break like the rest i.e. Jan - May, May - Sep, Sep - Dec, Jan - June = STUDY. Then I got my 3-month semester break from June - September before departing to UK for my final year.

September 2009 - June 2010 (9 months)
During Bachelor, I've spent approximately 9 months in the Oxford. I made my time real worth while, spent time studied, traveled around, picked up a part-time job in Starbucks, traveled, studied, worked. My advice, try to get a part time job, as I can't work more than 20 hours per week (Study Visa's Regulation), I got my time managed well for studies and networking with colleagues at work. I work for the money, if you're the kind that money is never a problem, still I think picking up a job is when and where you can expand your network.

September 2010 - July 2011 (10 months)
After Bachelor, I took up a course in Brickfields Asia College KL - Certificate in Legal Practice. Compulsory if you're not taking BAR in the UK, then CLP will be your only way to get your practicing license.

December 2011 - September 2012 (9 months)
After CLP, I commenced my pupillage after a long break. Intensive 9 months, you will need to complete a lot of tasks before you can be called as Advocate & Solicitor of Malaysia. I have more posts regarding chambering papers if you're facing any problem or question, try checking it out here!

So far, that's about it. I didn't really share everything of it but if you need to know more, can just drop me a comment or e-mail me.

Bare in mind, you can obtain a Bachelor in Law locally (Local Universities, External Course, etc) or overseas (UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc). The above is just my personal experience that I think it might assist you in anyway to decide what and where and when to start your journey:-

  • This is for sharing and referring only;
  • This is NOT a guideline;
  • This education flow is back then in year 2007 - 2012;
  • Requirements and Regulations should be DIFFERENT by now!

To check the listing of Universities that are recognized in Malaysia, click here for further enquiry and details!

Till then, all the best in your studies!

12 May 2013







24 January 2013

Chambering - Long Call

Happy New Year to all readers! Selamat Tahun Baru! Pu-tan-de-var-te-ke! 新年快乐!

Finally get to post something about Long Call, will share about what to do, when to prepare, and what to expect. Please find below in sequence...

Three weeks before your expected date of the end of pupillage...

Admission Fees - Payable to Disciplinary Board for the sum of RM200.00, Official Receipt will be issued upon payment, please retain the receipt for filling purpose. Note, payment can be done by way of cash or cheque, as for the name to be issued, please click here to enquire further.

Instrument - Payable to Bar Council for the sum of RM30.00. Bar Council will provide you a certificate-looking with your full name inserted in it for you to cross check. If you're name is confirmed correct, they'll get you to sign at the back of the instrument, then return for their safe-keeping till your date of the call.

Robe - Book your robe 3 to 4 weeks in advance. I've enquire the Kakak in Vince @ Wisma Straits Trading, there'll be loads of booking and upon my visit, she was changing the name tags as they're wrongly attached. She said that if booking were made earlier then it should not be a problem to collect before your call. Alternatively, I rented a robe from the Bar Room (5th Floor) in KL High Court for RM5.00, which booking has to be made in advance to check the availability, bib as well.

Confidential Report - To be sent by Bar Committee to Bar Council, then serve to Court. Consistently check with all these three bodies to confirm it's duly served.

Invite Mover - Get someone with not less than 7 years of standing to move your call. Must not be anyone from your firm. But so far as I concerned, they don't look like they know...

Long Call Speech - Prepare it in advance for your mover to have an idea on what to speak that day.

Certificate of Completion for Legal Aid - Obtain the same from your relevant legal aid.

Two weeks before your expected date of the end of pupillage...

Sijil Penampalan - Proceed to Bahagian RKKK and inform the officer you want to file your Sijil Penampalan, she will hand over all the documents for you to fill up the dates accordingly. Then you'll have to proceed with E-filling and extract the same.

Borang 7 - Prepare two (2) referees, you can get lawyers in your firm to help you with this. Be sure the referees you're referring to are at least degree holders.

Borang 8 - Master is supposed to sign this upon the last day of pupillage, well I got mine to sign way before that and definitely making sure that he knew, I'm a 'sangat rajin' pupil :) Was actually suggesting him to prepare a fresh Borang 8 changing the heading!

Borang 6 - Please prepare - Birth certificate, Identity Card, LLB certificate, CLP certificate (or any other exemption certificate), Ethics Exam certificate, B.M. Exemption certificate, extraction of Sijil Penampalan, two (2) Borang 7, Borang 8, copies of Sijil Perakuan Ekshibit. Note: If your pupillage commenced on 16.12.2011, then the date for the end of pupillage should set as 16.09.2012 (disregard whether it's a weekend or not).

Notis Perbicaraan - Find specimen in Bahagian RKKK.

Sijil Pengesahan Dokumen - Find specimen in Bahagian RKKK.

File Borang 6 altogether with your exhibits.
File Notis Perbicaraan.
File Sijil Pengesahan Dokumen, hand over your original documents to Bahagian RKKK for confirmation/validation purpose.

Expect extraction for both Sijil Pengesahan Dokumen and Notis Perbicaraan.
Expect date and time provided on your extraction on Notis Perbicaraan. Or obtain verbal confirmation from Bahagian RKKK.

That should be it. Let me know if there's anything that I've missed out. Would appreciate that :)

Happy Long Call Peeps! Congratulations in advance to you!

19 October 2012

Chambering - Short Call

Dear All,

I know I'm very late, and I'm so sorry for that!

As I've mentioned about the reminder to set your seats in ethic class, introduction session and also legal aid session, hopefully you guys have done it because there's a few friends of mine have missed some of those session and prolonged their long call date - very unwise! So again, please keep in mind these three sessions, prioritize these first!

Now for short call, to obtain an order to appear before SAR and judge in an open court and in chambers. Please make sure the draft order is ready prior your short call date! Sample of draft order is available in Bahagian RKKK in Aras 2. Or, you can always google it! I believe it's now in the Bar Council's Pupillage Handbook (I've received a latest version of the handbook so please check it out yourself, no more spoon-feeding :)

Most importantly, the no-objection letter from Bar Council and Bar Committee. As for pupils in KL, both of the bodies will serve on your behalf to the court, for the rest of the states, please double check with your bar to make sure it's ready to be served!

As attendance is no longer required, you can always choose to do e-filing in the office, provided that you have one. Otherwise, stick back to the manual filing in high court. By now, you should know how e-filing works in the court, so all the best to you guys! MIND THAT, it's always advisable for you to drop by Bahagian RKKK for a bit to let the Kakak check your order!

Again, please make sure it's filed, served and also filed your Afidavit Penyampaian after all the services to all three bodies.

No big deal, it's just the service of order. Just keep an eye on the abovesaid THREE SESSIONS!

Other than that, enjoy your 14 days legal aid duty! Next post on Long Call Checklist! 

Stay Tuned and Good Luck ;)

10 October 2012

Happy Birthday!

It was on the 27.09.2012. Finally get the time to sit down and share this :D.
Bee brought me to Japanese Restaurant for my special day - Hokaido Ichiba! Many thanks for the meal, stuffed myself so much that I can barely stand straight - Too good ;)

Pictures and happiness to be shared!

Kita no Zen
 Lots to choose from... Was too full to have dessert ;(
Salmon Don
 Love the aroma and taste of the rice.. Mm Mmmmm....
 Something that must be on the side...
Salmon Roll
 Must NOT Miss! Very thick salmon rolled, with either prawn roe or dancing bonito... Am going back for that!
Japanese Pizza with Scallop
 Bee loves scallops, a bit out of ratio but it's still very lovely! Not sure whether it's the teriyaki sauce but it's very delicious!!
BR Chocolate Devil
Thank you bee for the lovely cake. It was shared, melted ;p
Both of Us
Lovely PouchThank you! You know who you are, and yes I love it!
Luxurious Presies
WooHoooooo! Bought HTC to pamper myself >:) Got another tab from Mee and Dad! GL from 2 bosses (meaning more work to come!) Can't be any luxurious than these! Thank you all! A happy girl indeed! :D

Another year has passed, blessed with lots of love and luck, thank you for loving me as who I am. Appreciate it, a lot :)