24 January 2013

Chambering - Long Call

Happy New Year to all readers! Selamat Tahun Baru! Pu-tan-de-var-te-ke! 新年快乐!

Finally get to post something about Long Call, will share about what to do, when to prepare, and what to expect. Please find below in sequence...

Three weeks before your expected date of the end of pupillage...

Admission Fees - Payable to Disciplinary Board for the sum of RM200.00, Official Receipt will be issued upon payment, please retain the receipt for filling purpose. Note, payment can be done by way of cash or cheque, as for the name to be issued, please click here to enquire further.

Instrument - Payable to Bar Council for the sum of RM30.00. Bar Council will provide you a certificate-looking with your full name inserted in it for you to cross check. If you're name is confirmed correct, they'll get you to sign at the back of the instrument, then return for their safe-keeping till your date of the call.

Robe - Book your robe 3 to 4 weeks in advance. I've enquire the Kakak in Vince @ Wisma Straits Trading, there'll be loads of booking and upon my visit, she was changing the name tags as they're wrongly attached. She said that if booking were made earlier then it should not be a problem to collect before your call. Alternatively, I rented a robe from the Bar Room (5th Floor) in KL High Court for RM5.00, which booking has to be made in advance to check the availability, bib as well.

Confidential Report - To be sent by Bar Committee to Bar Council, then serve to Court. Consistently check with all these three bodies to confirm it's duly served.

Invite Mover - Get someone with not less than 7 years of standing to move your call. Must not be anyone from your firm. But so far as I concerned, they don't look like they know...

Long Call Speech - Prepare it in advance for your mover to have an idea on what to speak that day.

Certificate of Completion for Legal Aid - Obtain the same from your relevant legal aid.

Two weeks before your expected date of the end of pupillage...

Sijil Penampalan - Proceed to Bahagian RKKK and inform the officer you want to file your Sijil Penampalan, she will hand over all the documents for you to fill up the dates accordingly. Then you'll have to proceed with E-filling and extract the same.

Borang 7 - Prepare two (2) referees, you can get lawyers in your firm to help you with this. Be sure the referees you're referring to are at least degree holders.

Borang 8 - Master is supposed to sign this upon the last day of pupillage, well I got mine to sign way before that and definitely making sure that he knew, I'm a 'sangat rajin' pupil :) Was actually suggesting him to prepare a fresh Borang 8 changing the heading!

Borang 6 - Please prepare - Birth certificate, Identity Card, LLB certificate, CLP certificate (or any other exemption certificate), Ethics Exam certificate, B.M. Exemption certificate, extraction of Sijil Penampalan, two (2) Borang 7, Borang 8, copies of Sijil Perakuan Ekshibit. Note: If your pupillage commenced on 16.12.2011, then the date for the end of pupillage should set as 16.09.2012 (disregard whether it's a weekend or not).

Notis Perbicaraan - Find specimen in Bahagian RKKK.

Sijil Pengesahan Dokumen - Find specimen in Bahagian RKKK.

File Borang 6 altogether with your exhibits.
File Notis Perbicaraan.
File Sijil Pengesahan Dokumen, hand over your original documents to Bahagian RKKK for confirmation/validation purpose.

Expect extraction for both Sijil Pengesahan Dokumen and Notis Perbicaraan.
Expect date and time provided on your extraction on Notis Perbicaraan. Or obtain verbal confirmation from Bahagian RKKK.

That should be it. Let me know if there's anything that I've missed out. Would appreciate that :)

Happy Long Call Peeps! Congratulations in advance to you!

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