16 December 2011

Chambering - Borang 1 & 2

Approaching year end, the firm I attached to is so damn busy with their works and obviously, I was slightly being ignored ;( And thus far, I wasn't guided with proper guideline and examples on how to file in Borang 1 & 2. Therefore, again, I'm here to share my experience I've been through, from 8am to 5pm.

1.   Get all Borang 1-8 either from KL Bar Council (cost you RM5), or someone in your firm a copy (free). Ask for Service Bureau Form from your firm or seek help to look for one from e-filling. Always keep EXTRA copies in case you fill up the form wrongly, I strongly advise you to do so!

2.   Prepare Documents, all certified:
3.   Head over to Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Duta.

4.   Get NUMBER first at the e-filling counter for E-FILING purpose.

5.   Go to Aras 2 Bahagian RKKK - Let Kakak goes through your forms and documents (Total SEVEN pages) for you. (In case you didn't affirm the Affidavit Borang 1 from Commissioner for Oath, kindly do it at Aras 1 with payment of RM4 first, then proceed to Kaunter Pesuruhjaya Sumpah. It is strongly advice you do it beforehand as you might get it done for free.)

6.  Proceed to Counter 23 for Express ScanningFill up the Service Bureau FormQueue up for e-filling. This is to scan all the checked through documents. 

7.   Proceed to Counter 17 to collect Payment Notice after scanning is done.

8.   Proceed to Kaunter Pembayaran to pay RM98 for your petition (RM80: Petition \ RM8: Affidavit \ RM10: Borang 2). Please make sure you have the Receipt with you.

9.  Get back to Counter 17 to collect Stamped Official Invoice by submitting the Stamped Payment Notice.

10. Petition Number will be shown on the Invoice itself (e.g 18-1660-12/2011), fill up for both Borang 1 & 2.

11. Go back to Bahagian RKKK to get your petition dated.

12. Proceed to Aras B1 bookstore, Photocopy Kakak is an expert in preparing Chambering's document (4 copies of the 7-page document, 32 copies of Borang 2, 16 sets which consist 2 copies each).

13. Proceed to Bahagian RKKK to submit ONLY the 16 sets of Borang 2.

14. Done!

I've done only these 2 forms, will keep on updating the rest, I hope you find this helpful. Special thanks to Dominic for all the helpful information all these while, and of course the prompt reply when I'm in need! Thank you also Mr Yeoh, thank you for letting me kacau you while you're so busy for your chambering, more to come, paiseh ;) 

To have a sample on how to fill up the forms, kindly proceed to Bahagian RKKK’s notice board. Or, refer to Encik Termizi’s helpful Blog!

Kindly correct me if there's any mistaken statement above. Cheers!


cwyee said...

Thank you very much. Your post is so much helpful. :)

Anonymous said...

i need your help. what's the difference between e-filing and manual filing?

NeeYaa said...

Dear Anonymous,

E-filing will be so much more convenient and faster compared to manual filing, which will eventually charge you RM10 extra as service charges.

Anonymous said...

I am doing the filing for myself.
can I ask, besides from my firm, where can i get the Service Bureau Form? and what do I need it for?

and if I start my chambering in 2 weeks time. can I file my papers today?

Thank You so much!

NeeYaa said...

Dear Anonymous,
-Manual filing is possible.
-Service Bureau Form can be obtained from the e-filing portal > Public Service
-you can't pre-file a petition. Plus, you will need to get your master to sign your papers for you for submission.
-Mind that the Rules of Court has already commenced on 01.08.2012 so please double check the forms with the court first.

Drop a comment again if you need further information :)

Anonymous said...

my master does not need to do atg for borang 1 and 2 right?

thank you so much!

NeeYaa said...

Your master will have to sign Borang 2 for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi. There is nowhere for the master to sign on borang 2

Anonymous said...

Hi did you dated both forms after efiling?