14 September 2011

Yokoso Ichiban, SS2 Mall

Yeap yeap yeap, another deal online, this one is from Dealmates - Yokoso Ichiban. Well, we thought we had a great deal, one set of it, and then maybe top up with something else, you know, depend on the price. Turn out, we were wrong ;p
Yokoso Ichiban, SS2 Mall
ONE pair of Chopsticks & Menu
First glance, the price list of the menu hits us real hard. Even the normal Nigiri sushi costs us around RM 6++ at least! Fried rice for RM 10++. So, we presented the voucher and the waitress was in doubt, because we had no extra order besides the one we bought, and oh, we ordered ocha for RM 2.00 (even my favourite Zanmai only charging me RM1.00!)
Soy Sauce, Salt, and Pepper
Discounted Price: RM 16.00
Normal Price: RM 40.00
 Oh my gosh, I thought we really had a great deal and ended up we got this?! No joke, despite the discounted price, this few pieces cost me and you RM40, and it's located at SS2 Mall. Oh well, there was crowd but all of them using the vouchers, so... Your say!
So, basically each of these costs you around RM10. No doubt, they are fresh, nice and tasty. Unfortunately, I'm a budget consumer. In that case, unless they're having another promotion, don't think I'll step feet in again to this pricey shop ;(



Xjion89 said...

looks like u r nt satisfied!
The ocha really expensive..hahahaha~

NeeYaa said...

Haha Xjion, how to satisfy-lah with that kinda price! Seriously had no other side orders and ended up eating secret recipe after that... So not wise!